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The past year started with great promises of putting the COVID-19 pandemic behind and reasonable moisture for the spring. Then, through the summer, inadequate precipitation and sustained high temperature created havoc on all crops in the region. The resiliency of MARA staff and the Board enabled the team to continue our work to serve producers, grain crops and livestock commissions, the industry, private and government agencies.

MARA continued Alberta’s first organic regional variety trial for field peas which produced quality data for the organic farmers’ fraternity in the province. In addition, MARA commenced testing breeding lines of the novel crop, camelina. Also, MARA expanded its research base via collaborating with post-secondary institutions in Canada, and other private and government agencies to address issues relating to soil health, variety selection, nutrient management, pest and diseases management, forages, grazing, and carbon sequestration, moisture management, regenerative farming, and precision farming and knowledge transfer to serve a wide range of farmers in the county…


Perennial Forage Trial (PFT) was initiated in 2016 by the Applied Research Associations in Alberta to fill the knowledge gap of perennial forage data available for producers in the region. This study was completed in 2018 and 2nd phase of the project to study long term survival of PFTs was initiated in 2019 and implemented in 2020 which is funded through Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP).

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