Table of Contents

2011 MARA Mission and Staff, Page 4
2011 Board of Directors, Page 5
MARA Membership, Page 6
President’s Message, Page 7
Research Coordinator’s Message, Page 8
ARECA , A Year in Review, Page 9
Regional Variety Trials: Cereals, Field Peas and Flax, Page 11
Demonstration of Integrated Control of Ascochyta Blight in Field Peas, Page 22
Comparative Advantage of Different Inoculants in Yellow Peas, Page 29
Pea Internode Length Trial, Page 31
Canola –Pea Intercropping Trial, Page 32
Precision Tools for on Farm Research, Page 34
Effect of Different Sources of Nitrogen on Wheat and Canola, Page 36
Conventional Vs Organic Management Trial, Page 38
Swathing Vs Straight Cutting Canola, Page 40
Effect of Harrowing on Organic Oat Yield, Page 41
Alberta Pest Monitoring Network, Page 42
Biennial Wormwood Post Emergence Control, Page 44
Manure Management trial, Page 46
Extension Events 2011, Page 49
AOF Dugout Water Quality, Page 52
Acknowledgements, Page 79