Table of Contents

2010 MARA Mission and Staff, Page 4
2010 Board of Directors, Page 5
MARA Membership, Page 6
Presidents Message, Page 7
Research Coordinator’s Message, Page 8
ARECA, A Year in Review, Page 9
Regional Variety Trials: Cereals and Field Peas, Page 11
Comparison of Lentils & Other Pulse Crops, Page 22
Pea Internode Length Trial & Advantage of Different Inoculants, Page 27
Precision tools for on Farm Research, Page 28
Effect of Different Sources of Nitrogen on Wheat and Canola, Page 30
Conventional Vs Organic Management Trial, Page 32
Different Weed Management Practices, Page 34
Effect of Headline on Flax, Page 37
Advantage of Spraying Fungicide on Field Peas, Page 38
Effect of Different Pulse Stubbles, Page 39
Alberta Pest Monitoring Network, Page 40
Biennial Wormwood Post Emergence Control, Page 42
Manure Management trial, Page 44
Extension Events 2010, Page 47
AESA Dugout Water Quality, Page 50
Acknowledgements, Page 65
ARECA, Page 67