Manure and fertilizer effects on turnips for grazing in northern Peace region

Turnip (Brassica rapa L.) is a root crop that has been used for livestock feed for over 600 years. There are several types of turnip on the market, which are classified in leafy-type and bulb-type categories. As for cattle use, it depends on the adaptability of the variety to a particular region and the time that the forage is grazed. Both leafy and bulb types have been grazed in the Peace region.

Turnips produce high-quality forage. With adequate rainfall for re-growth in northern Peace region they can be grazed 1-3 times in a season. In previous trials around Fort Vermilion, they have proven to be drought and cold tolerant, though establishment and re-growth is challenging. Late planting can provide extended grazing periods well into winter as cattle can pull turnips from the frozen ground.